We Are The Meeting Point For Istanbul Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

We Are The Meeting Point For Istanbul Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Distinguished Investors and Esteemed Istanbul Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Stakeholders,

I take great pride in having seen the opening of INVEST ISTANBUL portal, which began as an idea just 2 years ago, now transformed into a common needed platform bringing together categorized ecosystem stakeholders. Thanks to the Ministry of Development and the Istanbul Development Agency supporting this project be happen with most competent local incubation centers and accelerators.

INVEST ISTANBUL is a tiny initiative that has been proposed in order for Istanbul, being a massive open urban laboratory where all kinds of technology can be implemented, to attain the worth and opportunities it deserves, with its young and talented local entrepreneurs and its unique opportunities, its dynamic economy, and its competent universities and active life. ,

We have created a compelling bilingual portal at this www.investistanbul.com.tr where Istanbul’s entrepreneurial ecosystem players can categorically advertise themselves and their activities on a large map. In our portal, foreign investors can easily address Turkish incubators and start-ups. We have a large support for every type of stakeholders such as Venture Capitals, Business Angels, Angel Networks, Public Funders, Crowd-funders and facilitators such as Incubators, Accelerators, Private Hubs, TTOs, Technoparks and supporting organizations such as NGOs, Platforms, Governmentals, Networks, Clusters and numerous professional service providers such as Lawyers, Mentors, Consultants, Patent Offices, Technology & Market Reporters.

Every year, the initiative aims to select the best startups in Istanbul, accelerate them and to host an investment demo day at a notable finance capital city abroad. The main reason for choosing London for the first year is UK’s “Start-up nation” strategy and its number and variety of valuable investors. I am confident that Turkish Start-ups will properly exploit the business and scale-up opportunities in London.

Through my commercialisation activities, I have frequently seen a lack of motivation and various other problems among those around me, as there has been difficulty obtaining finances and reaching global networks though many valuable kinds of technology have been produced. Our mission is to train entrepreneurs from theory to practice using an intensive orderly program, push them to team up and prepare them for investment. In this context, I am proud of the success of our unique and modest intensive program developed at ŞEHİR TTO and of all our teammates. It is a great opportunity for us to see that global economic trend is pointing more at start-ups, but we must strive to ensure the continuity of this trend without fall down. In this regard, Turkey and Istanbul are at the forefront of these efforts showing those abroad that they have great potential.

I would like to point out the fine selection that we have made regarding the 20 dynamic and motivated entrepreneurial start-ups found in this pitching menu of the portal. Most of them have already received seed funds and even series A investments. We have helped them make even more improvements in their relevance to the London market, their business models, their IP strategies, and their financial tables, and we have prepared this for you. I am confident that you will look forward to meeting them, and you will want to invest in the technological and unique dynamism herein.