The Best 20 Startups Of Istanbul Have Been Announced!

The Best 20 Startups Of Istanbul Have Been Announced!

After 7 week-long training sessions provided by Mehmet Alpatlı, Önder Yılmaz, and Aykut Gülalanlar, Invest Istanbul’s Accelerator Program that began on 20 April 2017 has come to an end. The program also hosted Mehmet Başaran – the Inward Investment Adviser of British Consulate-General Istanbul- as a speaker for one week. With the completion of the program One Pager technology flyers, Financial Tables, 3-Minute Pitchings, Investment Offerings, Business Models and Income models have been made ready for each and every startup. At the validation week, it was ensured that all startups talked to the customers by making live skype calls to United Kingdom. Through satistaction evaluation forms , it was found out that all the participants were 100% satisfied with the training sessions.

After the evaluations conducted at the end of the program, the best 20 startups going to London were selected and announced. Then with the another training session the 3-minute video pitching feedbacks were shared with the startups. In the event that took place on 25 July, our trainer Mr. Richard Newman provided all-day-long training to the participants for the upcoming presentations in London Demoday.

In consideration of everything learned throughout the training sessions, in addition to all the offline support documents and videos that were shared with the participants, and of the feedbacks that were provided for the videos prepared before the training sessions, 3-minute video pitchings that would be shown in London Demoday with professional video shootings on 3-4 August were made ready.

After this preparation process that continued for 4-months without ever slowing down, participants have already begun to pack up their bags. For the summary info about the 20 best startups selected for London Demoday 2017, please check the end of our article here.


Clouplay is a video management and hosting service that can combine video marketing, platform building,       channel building and live broadcasting services under one roof and deliver them all at a very low cost.


DAPGenomics provides a genomic profiling kit used to evaluate diet enhanced maternal milk quality. The kit directly improves the health of breastfed babies through the nutrition pattern of breastfeeding mothers.


Delphisonic solves predictive maintenance problem, with real time condition monitoring Indusrial Internet Application. DS-X Real Time Condition Monitoring system helps your business to have access to immediate & secure information, about turbine and locomotives. We have build a hardware and software solution with IoT platform.

We attached our hardware to train or turbine which has an ATI technology to listen your turbine and locomotives or marine ships. Cloud-Base software side DS do a big data analytic with identfiy problem data base.

We eleminate the unexpected failure before it happen. We give you change to take an action before unwanted little problem accour. We save the Money enhace the quality, improve safety, decrease the maintenance time and cost.




Automatic mobile color determination system for dentists. It consist of three components: a mobile phone, an accessory, and a software. It makes color determination process easy and less faulty which makes implant/filling pr0cesses with better quality and cost effective.



Dine and Pay


Dine and Pay is a mobile application (customized for restaurants) lets you pay directly from your phone without waiting the bill in restaurants, bars, and club with a global loyalty partnership. Dine and Pay brings you bookings, secure mobile payment, loyalty and reward all in one place. Our product lets our restaurant partners to increase efficiency and productivity, also give social convenience and reward for customers.





This is new era for the stethoscopes. This new smart stethoscope records pulmanory sounds and sends them via your mobile phone to the server where the data is classified on a large database and receives the analyzed data in form of detected advantageous sounds in the frequency and time domains and the return to the physiologist a recommended diagnosis for the client.

Epicellulyse XT 

Epicellulyse XT, as a special designed enzyme helps to utilize waste in paper industry by converting it to rich carbon source for biogas production without causing economic and environmental damage. The enzyme overcomes the 6th largest global environmental problem coming from  unfriendly paper sludge waste in paper industry. Technology converts and redounds this waste as a rich carbon source in biogas production with an economical and eco-friendly way.





Infinite Balance is interactive financial strategy game. It comprises gamification methods in a business simulation and hosted as web application. It provides application opportunity to various finance subjects that facilitates learning and make it enjoyable for all users.


Frizbit is a marketing tool that helps digital marketers increase web traffic and revenue by combining web push notification and marketing automation technology in one easy-to-use platform. Frizbit enables websites to send automated & personalised notifications to their targeted web users, even when they are not on the website.



Junivo is a social Wifi and mobile marketing platform. Helps physical store owners who want to understand customer behavior and enter into personal communication with them.


Kimola is a (software) technology company which creates algorithms to understand and analyse digital text data in very human way, Kimola Insights is a research tool created to detect research applicable data on Social Media.In order to get/detect most accurate data, which is both research applicable and also actionable, we created Kimola Insights Research tool, the most extensive data analytics tool in Turkey. You can improve your business strategies based on the data.


MallIQ integrates with Loyalty, E-commerce or Banking apps and measure their customers purchasing intent in physical world in real-time and make it insightful and actionable.


MicNo is a patented mineral based cosmetic ingredient usable in suncare products to provide fullprotection against UV radiation while being transparent. MicNo covers the skin with a very thin invisible layer of protective mineral based material and thismaterial deflects the harmful UV rays


Mikro-P is an IOT and Swarm Robotics Platform. Swarm robots mimic insects like ants or bees to tackle the real world problems.They act and work as a colony. Mikro-P consists of two elements which are hardware platform and open source software library. Hardware has mobility, different types of communication capabilities (Wi-Fi, GSM, IR, etc.) and has 30 sensors and hardware onboard in such a small footprint which fits in the palm of your hand.

Software library enables users to easily access every feature of the hardware with just single line of code.”







OHR Tech             

OHR Tech developed the first dot shot laser epilation device in the world. It determines hair roots by intelligent algorithm without damaging the skin of the users. This is a new era for the smart epilation devices.







Their products is a mobile app which rewards users who snap their shopping receipts. While shopper is rewarded we collect SKU level shopper reward from the receipts. They enable FMCG brands to create promotion campaigns instantly, for segmented shopper. And provide actionable shopper insights.”










Their solution is an artificial intelligence data analysis & marketing automation software for Amazon e-commerce marketplace vendors. They utilize our smart algorithms to capture and analyze the advertising data and take necessary actions to improve your ROI on your ad spend.


Segmentify is a SaaS solution for online retailers that helps them to increase their conversion rate by personalizing online shopping experience and boosting engagement of their visitors. Segmentify personalize online shopping experience by tracking visitor behavior (clicks, purchases, visit frequency, etc.) and offers bets products&campaigns at the right time with help of our own recommendation algorithm.


Vavien provides a package solution to mechanical door lock manufacturers. This solution includes one Bluetooth electronic card module and one mobile application. AES-CCM cryptography, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) security standard used for device security. Also, password layer has been added to enhance security. Manufacturers integrate our module to their products, with this integration traditional door locks turn into smart locks. Users can manage their locks with our mobile app provided by the manufacturer.


WalkOVR is a movement hardware that allows technology enthusiasts move in digital environments and applications by the help of WalkOVR’s mechanical, electronical and software systems. WalkOVR keeps its users safe while letting them literally walk, run, crouch and jump in digital applications and translates their physical movements into digital movements so users physically move in games.