Olmadık Projeler (Unusual Enterprise) was established in January 2016 in Balat, İstanbul to support all those producing and developing, providing them with free space and supporting them. Unusual Enterprise aims at transforming human talent into production as the first and only representative of the HuaaS (Human intelligence as a Service) business model in Turkey.
Olmadık Projeler (Unusual Enterprise) has its own physical workspace which located in Balat, is home to the participants. The co-working area and Unusual Coffees Atelier on the entrance floor, The Unusual Library which is on the top floor, the Unusual Shop as well as the shooting studio and the production facilities on the lower floor. They are all open to everyone and are offered free of charge. Everyone who produces and develops here only pays for their coffee and tea, pies, cakes and sandwiches they eat. The system allows participants to take part in existing tasks as well. What they can do in Olmadık Projeler (Unusual Enterprise) is increasing day by day. This accumulation continues to grow as new people join the network, which already has a vast network and know-how on issues such as communication, strategic management, design, software, business development and financial management. There is only one focal point of the Unusual Enterprise: Working and creating together. The door is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm.


Founding Year


Activity Spaces


Focus Areas

Anyone who produces and develops

Provided Services

  • Free co-working space
  • Library
  • Design and workshop area
  • Photographed studio and camera
  • Projector and Apple TV
  • Wifi
  • Rich coffee varieties with hot and cold drinks
  • Sweet and salty snacks