It is very important to initiate a new formation based on solid foundations and to look forward to its sustainability. Magic is based on a real need, a fiction that is always open to sharing, to evolving and to changing and that associate stakeholders with common solutions. Being also a social initiative, it is necessary to add to this fiction, a conservative roof-top institution for the contribution of individual dedication, volunteerism, desire and courage, experience and knowledge. INVEST ISTANBUL has set out with a structure answering to a shortage : universalizing İstanbul’s potentials and forwarding local start-ups to foreign investors. This structure is matured with the idea of accelerating up certain initiatives and performing demodays in a financial city every year, and revealing its social effect. The financial support for the first year for this whole organization came from Istanbul Development Agency, the roof institution and financial support from Istanbul Şehir University. Istanbul Şehir University Technology Transfer Office was the one who had the illusion by editing this project.

We thank you for the following worthy team who dedicates all their shifts for months during the past year.

All of the following partners who have been supporting the project in various stages have done very valuable work for us. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the respectable

  • Istanbul Development Agency, Ministry of Development of the Republic of Turkey and its distinguished managers and employees, who have contributed to this project being launched through their support;
  • Turkish Embassy in London and esteemed Turkish Commercial Counselor The valuable London support of the project;
  • UK Department of International Trade & British Consulate General in Istanbul and their valuable executives and employees, The valuable London support of the project;
  • İstanbul Şehir University and their valuable executives and employees, The institution where the project was conducted and financially supported;
  • İstanbul Şehir University Technology Transfer Office, its valued executives and employees, The team that carried out the project;
  • Özyeğin University Technology Transfer Office and Istanbul Technical University Technology Transfer Office, Our valuable project partners who have supported us by actively participating in our project;
  • World Business Angels Investment Forum, The London Demo Day organizational partner for our project;
  • StartersHub, ITU Çekirdek, INCUBA.CITY, Fit Startup Factory, Kworks, and their valuable executives and employees, Our project contributors in our project who did not hold back from being an amazing support to us;
  • All of the Applicant Startups to our Program  and London Demo Day Top 20 Best Start-ups, The valuable participants of the project;
  • Istanbul Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, All who supported the platform;
  • London&Partners, and UK Investors, All who interested in participating London Demo Day